We may never become friends or like one another, still we can try to understand reasons, I really want to give it a try, please let me hear your thoughts…

OK, I’m wondering about this^. Of course, only reason I can come up with is, the same, that stands for majority of straight, cis-gender  (who call them selves normal) people for discriminating the LGBTQ minority.

Plainly, because they also in the same mess, that is, that they do not understand, what’s/could be going on, in others lives, who are completely different from them. So that same social reputation/stupidity pops up. C’mon how can you  exist. Look at us. Be like us. Think like us. If you say you can’t you are a fraud or attention seeker. We can’t accept you other than as a Liar (me:- Thank you my friends, you are great people with unbelievable open minds). Don’t expect us to have you treated same as us, who are true, smart, intelligent,… ( me:- LOL)

OK am I wrong now? Correct me!


Life sucks

Something I don’t understand about this society is why people hate each other so much so easily. Everyone seem to have problems, but still people seem to think, world would have been a better place if some of others would have never existed. Why is this? why not just live this short life peacefully and let others live their in the way they want.  But all the time I see is someone or other demanding one or anther to live within some stupid social frames they believe in . Not only that but torture if they don’t and act like it’s them who stop your life’s been happier. Why bother about  others so much and make your lives miserable. No it’s OK it’s your life you can do what you want with it, but that makes every other person’s life  you attack also miserable. That’s where I’m concerned about. Because I  can’t see ant fair reasoning. If anyone face any consequences by living it in their own way why not let them do so. It’s them who face it. It’s them who go to hell if they do. So why do you hate them. Why give others so much hard time just because they do not comply with your beliefs. OH! may be I don’t have enough brains to understand you people,  you must be training them in a slight way to face their next life in hell ha ha (because you believe they sure to go to hell, well! never you, well what about your HATRED? still pure conscience? WOW!),  so you are team of so generous  aren’t you,  great!  but just really too great for me!.

I don’t get it, life is not that long we live here, here on earth, right? just some few decades and one by one we are all gone who are here today. In hundred years a whole new bunch of group of people would be here. Well, but still hating each others, lol. NO have no fear, that’ll never change  because there raisers have taught them why and how they should hate others if someone don’t comply with their rules  or beliefs.  Egh! this society. We call it 21 century don’t we. Still barbarians, can’t just stand what others do with their own lives  and say ”  we are humans , we are smart and kind ” , eh.

When it comes to life, ( well I’m always thinking of death, coward me! ) it’s like we hardly have time to enjoy anything we get. Just look back, and  another year is running victoriously to its end.  Oh aren’t you thinking “there’s more years to join” eh. This may sound  stupid as you have brains, but I hardly hear of anyone living more than 100 years. Even so did, they are wrinkled all over, weakened, sick and all that old stuff left and with some memories to tell others oh do you know it at my time…, that is a life to live? hm! or may be its just OK course that’s  still alive. Egh! that’s what I can’t bare, life sucks. And  having all these everyday drama of hatred going around us, just like hatred is OK, and you thinking as even god and every other superior will approve it if we see them as sinners and we oh we are sent  straight to heaven for just being normal, oh! holy shit. It’s  great when so obsessed to hate and don’t want to give it up.

May be it’ just you people imply can’t  look into reality. Even it’s  all before your eyes and you are just ignoring it. So make every one else who don’t go with your theories have to suffer. Its OK to have one’s own perception, I do , ones you hate may do. But  God! why you guys have to be SO HATEFUL (and stupid, hmmm sorreey!),  like you will be sent to hell if you don’t?

Why are we different?

Well, true I started this blog, but still, I can’t say, that I know a lot on these topics 😦 . Simple, I’m still learning them. I just want to discuss on them with you.  Also it’s like, I’ve known almost no one in real life, who face them other than me. So I have to hear to both kinds of you people, normal and different from being so said. I feel this will turn into a great expedition if you decide to join me  😎 .

See, I’ve never had this opportunity of anyone who is normal telling me, ” why we don’t like those, who don’t seem to be normal, or why we want them to behave like us”. Also others, who are considered as different, telling me “Oh! I’m different and I feel like…”, no way! People don’t come out to others that easily. They don’t go around telling others, about their true selves. specially  not in non-friendly environments (like mine), and then it’s like almost everywhere is so in one way or another.

However, I have this feeling, I want to understand what’s going on at both sides. I don’t want to take a side, but be in peace with both and accomplish my target. So that’s why I’m hopefully inviting you to join me here, to share our views.

Of course you may say ” oh why bother, we have more things to do than that, without taking freaks ( sorry guys, I thought of using it) into accounts”.

Well think of it, friends, you who identify as normal, are you going to say , “why, it is really good. So we would not be bothered with all their nonsense”.

But still these people exist, don’t you see them, hear them or have you not ever heard of any such? They are living in this same planet, that you live. They eat, drink same food using the same way to put in, the mouth like you. They breath in and breath out same kind of air as you do. and pass out same things as you and by the same outlet. You know what I meant! . I can go on, sure there have to be lot more 😀 . See what I point.  Not, that much, differences right, still so many similarities ?

So why you are taking,  how people prefer to have sex and their comfortably identified gender,  into account as those are the most important facts to identify a fellow human being. Of course foods, drinks, air they could decide if ones going to live or not, but is it so with sex or gender, also. I just, can’t understand this definition.

And there are also other things that differ one from another. Do every one walk, smile, talk, in the same way. Some may be good at art, music, etc, others may float towards technical sides. There are lot more like that. why not take those also into account. They also are major differences right, so why not?

Also as I know sex starts in puberty, say earliest 12 years. Well, OK so! You treat one normal for up to that, then suddenly, he’s not normal? or was he not normal in his past also? Well, do kids have sexual feelings before puberty then? So how could he be not normal before?

What about gender? Some times kids say they want a opposite body,one they have is not the one they should have been given. Well they are kids right, they think we’ll give them what they want, like love or a pet. They don’t know the rules.

Then there are others, who are not kids anymore,  realizing it later, and who try to fit in the born gender, and struggling with the wanting to be in the comfortable one, but facing the stubbornness of society.

So why all these happening to some people, Have they wronged some where? Is it a curse? or weaknesses in birth, body or mind. So you have to punish them for having such. Not a kind word or treat for being unlucky than you, is it the rudeness they deserve for being less than you? Does it help them to become healthy as you are or normal. Had it to anyone you know? How and why you think it has or do they say so generally? Are you thinking they are/were not sane to behave normal like you or honest as you are/were with your self. I’m going  trust your honesty.

Also, people like me, as we are not the major existence in this world, we will be considered different and may have to face discrimination of majority, it seems. But would You not, like to know why it is so?

So would you like to share your feelings with me? To find out what ” normal thinking” means, don’t you agree we should give it a try as a one. We may find peace in mind, who knows!

Come On! Think with me and tell me something everyone. I still think there’s some humanity still left in this world, to think me as a fellow human by everyone else.

Please! tell me what you think, anything I don’t mind, No! I don’t care for those scholarly researches.  Not that they aren’t good, of course they could be great. I don’t mind hearing them. But what I need are your reply s on your thoughts, feelings, agreements or disagreements, how you see these things and your whys.

Yes, I need to see how a general person, in this world, see these things. How you see us in your eyes. The true thinking of present human race.

I don’t consider them as comments, but as your reply s, despite whatever way  the blog is going to list them. And I  thank in advance for them. (of course I’d have to thank you later, but this seems bit more friendlier to me  🙂 )

So let’s communicate on it, shall we, everyone?

live in peace! and Enjoy life!


I have learned by trying to get to know this world , that there are a lot of differences among us as individuals. No two of us seem to have a same thoughts at the same time.  However groups or stereotypes of individuals have emerged into surface and exit among us. These types are defined taking groups of similarities of people into account.  They may have been based on romantic orientation or gender orientation or sexual orientation or any other that exist within us. I have heard of some of them yet but may not of all, so I’m not going to say every groups I know.

When looking into it, I got the idea most conflicts among us, as groups, are due to miscommunications. Some would say it’s an education issue. However it is, a thought came to me today, why not give it a try to see what everyone in the net (you) would like to say on this subject. ❓  I really like to know what you think of the group you belong to or another person you know really well if they don’t want to comment here, how you feel and what you face by having to live in a diverse world like we have.

 So the first thing 💡 that came into my mind is, to create a blog and see what we all have to say on how we think. 😉 As Google itself a search engine I thought it would be a better choice to start with, IDK, and I thought creating here would be also nice, why not it may get different viewers, so different views, who can tell. We may know it with time.

So this blog is for all of us even I created it, 🙂 for any human living in this world and who still see them as human. We all may have problems, none of us is different in that. There are so many to deal with trying to live a contented life in the society. But there’s a topic lot of  people like to ignore fair discussions on, that some groups in this world have to face a lot more difficulties than others, just for being true with their own selves. 😦

Would you like to try to understand it with me. If answer is yes, I welcome you, to share how you feel about it (negative or positive I don’t mind), 🙂 and also your whys if you know them, and  again also what you think of others views. 

 No matter what group I or you may belong to we all can have our own views. But still, we can be friendly and understanding and act without hatred 👿 ( at least on here and I want you to), treating each other as another human being who never had the opportunity to decide how he/she was born, with no difference to you or me (well, if you’ve had that choice, you are really special among us as humans, I hope you’d have some humanity to show some mercy on us, who haven’t had that kind of luck 😦 , by not hating us for who we are .8)

 Thank you for reading and hope you would speak up your mind, however it feels. 🙂


Enjoy life!